TIASCO Provides dedicated platform as a foundation for building and maintaining strong relationships with customers, strategic partners, suppliers and employees.

Customer Connections

TIASCO believes that a key element of our success is a renewed focus on customer relationships, shifting the focus of the entire organization toward building stronger customer bonds.

Customer Connection will help our customers access the right information, tools, and additional connectivity to support all levels of our customer relationships.

For further information, please contact our customer service.

Employee Connections

TIASCO understands the value of employee communications and providing easy access to company information. This connections area provides internet access to several employee focused sets of information and/or activities. Some of these areas require an employee ID and password. For further information, please contact human resource.

Supplier Connections

TIASCO is committed to providing our suppliers and partners with the most advanced electronic tools and processes, and best-in-class SCM systems to enable fast, secure and efficient ways to improve the information flow to our supply chain including:

  • Transmitting critical information
  • Performing business transactions
  • Collaborating with partners

This commitment supports our strategic efforts to align company resources and processes with our suppliers’ capabilities, by welcoming diversity and by supporting our partners’ efforts to provide superior performance, service and quality. For further information, please contact procurement.