Steel makes up more than half the weight of a car and is used not only for the body and chassis but also the powertrain, gearbox, wheels and tyres.

TIASCO provides numerous steel products to all the major vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers. Sector specialists with in-depth understanding of the global automotive industry work closely with customers from the initial design stage of a new vehicle.

Sustainability, safety and efficiency have become the key words of the automotive industry. Developments in power delivery and emission system engineering have given rise to the need for materials that perform at increasingly elevated temperatures, for which TIASCO high-temp metals offer a perfect solution.

TIASCO is continually developing a wide range of steel products and new, higher-performance products that offer improved formability and corrosion resistance, ductility, affordability and advanced high-strength steels. These steels offer significant weight loss – and thus greater fuel economy and lower emissions – without compromising structural strength.

As TIASCO continues to grow and develop its technical capabilities in the future, it also aims to continue its expansion into this important market sector. For more information on any of the products and services above, please contact us.