We determine the most appropriate products and solutions to effectively optimize the effectiveness of packaging. We work with our clients to build world-class solutions.

TIACSO supplies a range of steel products in both the consumer and industrial packaging sectors. In the Consumer Packaging sector, we provide high quality packaging steels for the worldwide canmaking industry including tinplate, stainless steel and coated steel. These are primarily used in the light metal packaging for food and beverage cans, as well as for paint, aerosols, closures and promotional packaging. Globally, more than two-thirds of all steel cans are recycled – well ahead of the recycling rates for plastic and aluminium containers.

In the Industrial Packaging sector, TIASCO provides formable steels for large and intermediary steel drums and also small pails. These can be supplied in coil, blanks and pressed circles. Metallic-coated products are also produced for the Industrial Bulk Container frame and base; these are supplied in both coil and tubular form. Ranges of bottle grades are also available for the gas cylinder market.

TIASCO continues to grow and develop its technical capabilities in the future, it also aims to continue its expansion into this important market sector. For more information on any of the products and services above, please contact us.